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Payroll Services

We understand that managing payroll can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your business. From accurate and timely salary processing to meticulous tax/ social security calculations and compliance, our expert team ensures that your employees are paid seamlessly and your business remains compliant with the ever changing regulations. Partner with us to experience the ease and precision of our top-notch payroll services.

Our solutions include the following services:

(i) Drawing up employment contracts;

(ii) Applying for company employer number;

(iii) Submission of employee engagement and termination forms with jobsplus;

(iv) Preparation of employee payslips;

(v) Management of vacation/sick leave via payroll system with automatic leave requests directed to line managers;

(vi) Preparation and submission of monthly FS5 to CFR;

(vii) Ability of having company logo on payslips.

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