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Investing in Malta

Malta offers several advantages, including a strategic location and membership in the European Union since 2004, easy to travel in Europe having been part of Schengen since December 2007, a stable economy, part of the eurozone since 2008, an attractive fiscal regime mainly earmarked for foreign investors, over 80 double tax treaties, a skilled workforce and a business-friendly environment. Malta's well developed infrastructure, strong legal system, the Companies Act modelled on the UK Companies Act and English speaking population make it an appealing destination for investors looking to expand their business in Europe. 

Company Incorporation

We are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to incorporate companies in Malta. At kmconsultants, we shall handle your incorporation needs in Malta providing you with access to the EU single market and trading opportunities. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Malta serves as a gateway to multiple markets, facilitating international trade. The Memorandum & Articles of Association is drawn up in English, being one of Malta's official languages, making communication and conducting business very accessible internationally. 

Companies incorporated in Malta must have:

(i) At least one director. The director does not need to be Maltese, however we highly recommend to have a Maltese based director in order to retain management and control in Malta. We may recommend a director for your newly incorporated company;

(ii) At least one company secretary. Again, ideally the company secretary should be familiar with local laws and regulations;

(iii) The registered address needs to be in Malta and written consent must be received from the owner of the premises. We offer this service to our clients;

(iv) The company may be a single member company;

(v) The minimum initial share capital that we recommend is EUR 1,200 which should be 100% paid up and deposited into a bank account. The deposit slip will be required as part of the incorporation documents.

Registered Office Address

We are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide businesses with a registered address in Malta for their official company correspondence and legal requirements. Having a registered address in Malta is a mandatory requirement, however by utilizing this service, companies can establish physical presence in Malta and this solution is practical for startups, foreign companies or entrepreneurs looking to expand their business operations in Malta.

An Attractive Fiscal Solution

At kmconsultants, we can assist you to structure your company to take advantage of Malta's special tax system. Malta has a competitive corporate tax rate of 35%, however certain company structures may benefit from a reduced effective tax rate, thanks to refundable tax credits, resulting in an effective tax rate as low as 5%.Dividends and capital gains derived from qualifying shareholdings may be eligible for a participation exemption, meaning they are exempt from taxation in Malta. Malta does not impose withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties paid to non residents, making it more attractive for international transactions. Malta's holding company regime allows for the possible of tax-efficient dividend distributions, capital gains and other benefits for companies holding investments. Malta does not impose wealth taxes or taxes on ownership of properties unless these are rented out to third parties. Malta also offers a beneficial intellectual property regime, allowing deductions for qualifying IP expenses and reduced taxation on income generated from IP assets. It is important to note that tax laws and regulations are subject to change so it is important to consult with us to understand the specific fiscal benefits relevant to your business activities in Malta.​

Businessman using a pen to write a notebook with TAX REFUND and refund tax of duty taxatio

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